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Tuesday’s Tips & Tricks – Eliminate Camera Shake

Don’t you hate it when your pictures are just a little bit blurry?

When I first went to school for photography, it seemed like one thing that all photographers experienced at one time in their lives was Camera Shake.  Camera shake is something that can be easily fixed.

Camera Shake usually happens because the camera was not held still while the shutter was pushed.  My instructors at UVU were constantly getting on students to make sure our images were as crisp as possible… unless you were obviously going for that effect purposefully.  Another reason that you may experience camera shake is because you are shooting in low light situations.  In low light…your shutter is open for a long period of time making even the slightest movement on your end recorded in the picture.

How do you eliminate camera shake?

This is the big one that my instructors were always making sure we were doing.  Hold the camera with two hands, with your left hand UNDER the lens to support it.  Elbows in.  Feet shoulder width apart.  And if that doesn’t work… lean against something.  The less you move…the less the camera moves.

Another idea… I got this from my dad when he was helping me shoot a gun.  Before you take the shot, take a deep breath, take the shot, then exhale.  Yes the camera will record your breathing to an extent.

Those are the basics of how to help you with camera shake.  Shutter speed is one you should always be conscious of as well.  If you do not have a tripod.  Don’t let your shutter speed go slower than 1/60 of a second.

Stay posted for more Tuesday’s Tips & Tricks next week!


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