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Tuesday’s Tips & Tricks – tips and guidelines for great photography

So I was reading through my Popular Photography  Magazine the other day and came accross these guidelines and tips.  They are very simple… but it’s amazing how much you can improve your images by just following these simple steps.

Three Guidelines for Great Photography

  1. Know Your Subject
    Sure you know it, but you need to show it – clearly – to your viewers.
  2. Draw Attention to Your Subject
    Easiest way, come in close and make your subject big in your photograph.
  3. Simplify!
    Get rid of unnecessary clutter in the foreground and background.

More Key Photo Tips:

Tip 1: Watch for Interesting Angles.
               Shoot up or down, lay down on the ground.  Whatever it takes.

Tip 2: Experiment!
                Shooting more used to cost more, now it doesn’t.  Walk around your subject.

Tip 3: Consider Black-and-White.
               Some pictures just look better that way.

Tip 4: Horizontal or Vertical?
               Most cameras are designed to be held for a horizontal image, but your 
               subject may look better if you turn your camera to frame up a vertical

There are tips and there are guidelines, but there is only one rule:
Back up, Back up, Back up!
Onto a CD, DVD, or external hard drive and get it out of the house.

Go try it!  Let us know how it goes!  Come back again for more Tuesays Tips & Tricks!

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