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Trying to decide “WHERE” to have your family pictures taken?  Or are you a fellow photographer looking for some new locations for your next photoshoot?  Well you are in luck!  I gathered some of our client’s pictures and a few videos to hopefully give you a feel of each of these locations.  I also included the google map so you know exactly where it is located as well as if the location charges or if it is free to photograph there.  We are trying to update this page with new locations so check back for more ideas.
So far, we only have locations in Utah County.


Paul Ream Park – Provo (FREE)

This park has: a bridge, a pond, a great grove of trees, benches, and even a playground for pictures of your kids playing.

Google Map to Paul Ream Park in Provo:

Bicentennial Park – Provo (FREE)

This park has a cool board walk, a pond, a big open grass lawn, big trees, bridge, playground, and even Frisbee golf course for fun after your photoshoot.  Bring bug spray.

Google Map to Bicentennial Park:

American Fork Amphitheater – American Fork (FREE)

This location has tall trees, stone walls, stone stairs, flowers in the summer, and grass lawns. (busy location with other photographers)

Google Map to American Fork Amphitheater:

Vivian Park – Provo (FREE)

This Park is located in Provo Canyon.  This park has a nearby railroad, sometimes even train cars, the river, a pond, open grassy areas, beautiful mountain scenery, trees, and playground equipment.

Google Map to Vivian Park in Provo:

South Fork Park – Provo (FREE)

This Park is also located in Provo Canyon.  This park is by the river, open grassy areas, beautiful mountain scenery, and trees.

Google Map to South Fork Park in Provo:

The Shops at Riverwoods – Provo (Costs $)

This location gives you a variety of the city urban feel at the shopping center with bright colors, vines and textured walls.  There are also trees, and bridges for a little bit of nature.

Google Map to The Shops at Riverwoods in Provo:

Old Cars Sinclair – American Fork (Costs $15)

Are you looking for a vintage feel for you images?  Here is the perfect location for you.  Lots of old cars on this location.  Not a ton of space though… I would not recommend a large family.

Google Map to The Old Cars Sinclair – American Fork:

Provo Castle – Provo (Costs $20)

This location has lots of rock structures, cool doors, water fountain, stone stairs, open grassy area, and an orchard. After your photoshoot, you can go cool down at 7-Peaks Waterpark! (busy location with other photographers)

Google Map to The Provo Castle – Provo:

Old Buildings – Lehi (Costs $20)

Lots of really neat textures from all these buildings that are all pretty close together.   There is also a train track.  Great location if you want the urban rustic feel.

Google Map to The Old Buildings in Lehi:

Nielson’s Grove Park – Orem (FREE)

This park has a big carousal swing, water fountain, pond, benches, open grassy field, flowers and trees.  In the Spring, they have a large tulip garden that blooms in April.

Google Map to Nielson’s Grove Park in Orem:

BYU Campus – Provo (FREE)

BYU Campus has a huge variety of photography locations.  You have lots of buildings, greenery, grass, ponds, flowers, trees, the stadium, etc.

Google Map to BYU Campus in Provo:


More locations to come soon!

6 responses to “Locations

  1. sarah October 2, 2013 at 11:54 am

    Thank you so much for putting these on here. I do photography for a hobby and my sister asked me to do her family photos. I had no clue where to go, again thank you.

  2. Tera March 1, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    Where are the old buildings in Lehi located?

  3. Rhonda Sutton May 22, 2014 at 6:20 pm

    Thank you so much for all this info. I Am new to the state of Utah, this was much needed and handy. I did a shoot at Wheeler Ranch i believe i was Sandy or SaltLake it was free I just had to get a pass.. they had old barn wood live animals brindges water greenery and so much more.

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