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Hogle Zoo – Provo & Utah Photography

Going to the zoo many times means that you don’t get to see the animals, however this day was different, we saw so many great animals and got some great pictures! I had a lot of fun trying to get a good angle.  Hogle Zoo is a wonderful place.  Highly recommend it!


Przybyla Family – Provo Family Photography

A few weeks ago we headed up Provo Canyon with the Przybyla family to get some fun pictures.  But man, it was cold! They did a great job smiling and the coats were just out of the picture frame, lol.  I’m surprised the water wasn’t freezing yet.  Here are some of their pictures. Thanks guys for choosing Silverstrand Photography to capture some fun moments with your family.

Provo Family Photography Provo Family Photography Provo Family Photography Provo Family Photography Provo Family Photography Provo Family Photography Provo Family Photography Provo Family Photography Provo Family Photography Provo Family Photography Provo Family Photography Provo Family Photography Provo Family Photography

Provo Photography MiniShoot – Karen

It may be a little cold outside, but it is SO beautiful today!  This morning we went up to BYU in Provo and took some fun pictures of this gorgeous girl.  She told us that she needed some headshots for a program she is in at BYU.  So we took some headshots…and a few more just for fun. 🙂  Hope you enjoy your sneak peek Karen!  Thanks again for choosing Silverstrand Photography!

Provo Photographers

Provo Photography - modeling, headshots

Provo Photography - modeling


Tippetts Family Sneak Peek – Provo Family Photography

We donated a number of mini sessions recently to the fundraiser my mom’s neighborhood did for her before and after she passed away.  This amazing family purchased one of the photo shoots and we had a blast!  No matter where you go right now, you can find fun and amazing fall colors.  We love Vivian Park in Provo Canyon for photo shoots.  I doesn’t matter what time of year it is but let me tell you… the colors were AWESOME!

They had a great time picking out their clothes and as you can see, they looked great.  Nice job Tippetts.  We are excited for the other mini shoots to come.  Enjoy the pictures.  We sure enjoyed getting to know you.

If you want to book a standard or mini session for your holiday pictures, email us at

Fun Provo Photography Locations – The Shops at Riverwoods

Yes, yes, we are still at The Shops at Riverwoods!  Why?  because this place has so many great locations that you can use during your photo shoots.  These next few are the last set of photography locations at the Riverwoods that we’ll post. Then we’ll move onto the next location in Provo.  These locations today are great when you hit them at the right times.  The wooden doors are great earlier in the morning, the main walkway can be good morning or evening.  The tunnel/walkway is good when there is plenty of light coming in so depending on the time of year, early afternoon.

The Shops at Riverwoods – Part IV

The Shops at Riverwoods Mall – V

The Shops at Riverwoods – Part VI

This location is just in front of Called to Surf in The Shops at Riverwoods. It’s a great location for a single person, a couple or a small family that you are photographing.   Access this location in front of Called to Surf.  See for more Provo Photography. Enjoy.

Provo Photography

Provo photography location

provo photography location

Great Utah County Photography Locations – Provo

We saw an article on the internet talking about locations in Provo that photographers like. We have been in Provo and Orem for almost five years now and we have searched for and found quite a few places that we love to have photo shoots. So, we are starting to document, by video and pictures we have taken, many of the photography locations around Utah County, especially in Provo and Orem. These locations can be used for Family, Kids, Senior, Wedding, Engagement and even at some, sports photography.

We have had a photo shoots at most of these locations and if we haven’t, we want to soon. We will continue to post each week new locations that we have taken video of and posted pictures so that you can get a feel for the location before you go.

Enjoy the posts and please comment on places that you have enjoyed that we don’t have yet!

The first location we shoot a short video of and posted a few pictures is:

South Fork Park in Provo Canyon (click here for google map)

To get there, you turn right off of Provo Canyon (US-189) into Vivian Park and continue on up the road about 5 minutes. This is a great location for Provo Photography of families, kids, seniors, engaged couples, weddings and more. In the evening you will get beautiful golden light and wonderful light in the morning as well. If you have any questions about any location we post, feel free to call or email us. You can contact us through the contact us tab at the top of this blog or at


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