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Nate Austin – Provo Photography

Nate is heading to Chile on his mission and then to BYU after the mission. He wanted to (well maybe it was mom that wanted to, lol) take some senior pictures for school as well as pre-mission pictures.  We were almost rained out but we had a great time down at Brigham Young University Campus.  They do such a great job of keeping the campus beautiful.  Congrats Nate on the mission call, you’re going to do great!

Enjoy your pictures!

Provo Photography

Provo Photography

Nate’s big into tennis and plays for his high school team. They won a championship so we decided to take a few picture of him with his tennis stuff.

Provo PhotographyProvo PhotographyProvo PhotographyProvo PhotographyProvo PhotographyProvo PhotographyProvo Photography


Tippetts Family Sneak Peek – Provo Family Photography

We donated a number of mini sessions recently to the fundraiser my mom’s neighborhood did for her before and after she passed away.  This amazing family purchased one of the photo shoots and we had a blast!  No matter where you go right now, you can find fun and amazing fall colors.  We love Vivian Park in Provo Canyon for photo shoots.  I doesn’t matter what time of year it is but let me tell you… the colors were AWESOME!

They had a great time picking out their clothes and as you can see, they looked great.  Nice job Tippetts.  We are excited for the other mini shoots to come.  Enjoy the pictures.  We sure enjoyed getting to know you.

If you want to book a standard or mini session for your holiday pictures, email us at

Tuesday’s Tips & Tricks | Shutter & Aperture together

The last two tips and tricks, we talked a little about shutter speed and aperture.  So this week we will go over how they are used together.  How fun will that be?! 🙂

So… you have your camera.  (Film or SLR)  Here’s basically what is happening inside with the shutter and the aperture:  the aperture is the diameter of the lens through which light exposes the film.

By making the size of the aperture bigger or smaller, you control the volume of light entering the camera.

The shutter is the mechanism that opens and closes to control the length of time the light is exposing the film.

The aperture and the shutter are connected meaning that one cannot be altered without the other being altered also.

Your camera usually has TTL metering (through-the-lens light metering).  If not, you can use a separate hand-held light meter.  The meter takes a reading of the amount of light reflected off your subject.  However, to get the correct exposure combination, you also have to tell the meter what speed (ISO rating) you have your camera set to.

So according to the above chart (which may vary slightly with your camera), to get a correct exposure, the bigger the aperture (f/2 or f/2.8) the faster the shutter speed (1/1000 or 1/500 of a second).  This gives you a smaller depth of field and less movement blur.

On the opposite end, the smaller the aperture (f/16 or f/11) the slower the shutter speed is used (1/15 or 1/30 of a second).  This gives you a greater depth of field and more movement blur.

So what combination should you use?  Depends on what you want your picture to look like. 🙂  Do you want to show movement or stop movement?  Do you want to have your depth of field large or small.  First decide on that.  Then set your aperture and shutter speeds accordingly.

** one thing to remember is camera shake.  You want to have a shutter speed fast enough to prevent camera shake if you don’t have it on a tripod. The longer your lens is on your camera, the more camera shake you will get.  Here’s a little guide to help cut down on camera shake blur:

Traditional Safe Shutter Speed Chart – 35mm SLR
shakey hands
steady hands
35mm (wide)
50mm (standard)
100mm (medium zoom)
200mm (high zoom)
300mm (high zoom)

So if you have a 50mm lens (for example)  that you are shooting with, try not to go to a slower shutter speed than 1/125 if you have shakey hands or 1/60 if you have steady hands.  Once you hit that 1/30… you will start to get camera shake.

Ok, that’s all I have for today.  Hope this is useful information for you.  Come back next week for more tips and tricks!

Mikala & Travis – Family Photography – Sneak Peek

Remember Mikala & Travis?  We took their pictures here in Provo last year.

When Mikala knew she wanted their family pictures done again, she said she thought of Silverstrand Photography first. We love hearing that! She said she checks our blog all the time to see our posts on Tuesdays Tips & Tricks and also our photography of other families, kids, Trafalga Family Fun Center, Zion’s Bank and more.

We were REALLY excited to take their family pictures again this year!  We had a blast taking them to a few new locations up Provo Canyon by the river and at a beautiful park.  Photography is so fun when you have great locations to shoot. Here are a few pictures from their photo shoot.

Thanks again Mikala & Travis!  You guys are so fun!

Provo Photography – Warm and Cool Lighting

You can do so many things with lighting.  Here are a few that I took in a photoshoot, mixing warm and cool lights in the same image.  It’s fun seeing the images that come from it.

Equipment: White backdrop, two spotlights, blue & yellow gel paper, & a basketball.

Tuesday’s Tips & Tricks | Lighting

I just watched this video by BC Photo a couple days ago… and thought it had some good suggestions.   It’s all about lighting and using a flash.  If you use lighting and flashes correctly, you can get some amazing results!

Have an awesome day!

Come back for more Tuesday’s Tips & Tricks next week!

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