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Your kids, our vision?-Provo Family Photography

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to update the pictures of your kids that you walk by every day. We had the awesome opportunity to take pictures of these kids and wow, they are naturals!

Don’t let the time slip by when you could have beautiful pictures of your kids!



Our Surfer Girl! – Kids Photography

I can’t believe school is back in session!  It’s amazing how fast time flies by.  Here is a picture of our little surfer girl from our trip to California this summer.  We had such a fun time!  Wish we could play on the beach all day, every day!  I will be posting some more sneak peeks soon from some family shoots we have taken!  In the meanwhile, enjoy this picture of this cute little girl. 🙂

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Cali close up

Krohn Family – Provo Family Photography

As I sit here in my house while there is snow outside… I can’t help but wish for warmer days like this photoshoot…  Last summer, we took some family pictures of this cute family.  I met the Krohn family through my wonderful mom before she passed away.  I’m so glad she introduced me to them.  Their girls are gorgeous and such sweethearts.  Take a look at these fun pictures and dream of warmer days with me! 🙂

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_mg_3995Silverstrand Photography - Krohn3 Silverstrand Photography - Krohn8 Silverstrand Photography - Krohn6 Silverstrand Photography - Krohn5 Silverstrand Photography - Krohn4 Silverstrand Photography - Krohn1 Silverstrand Photography - Krohn2 Silverstrand Photography - Krohn7

Chaney Family Sneak Peek – Provo Photography

Hey everyone, I have been slacking on posting pictures lately…. Sorry about that.  I have a lot to catch up on.  This beautiful family is the Chaney family.  We took their pictures at the Paul Ream park in Provo, UT.  Their little boy (Baby “A”) was not too thrilled about the photoshoot at first.  It took a little bit of warming up to us, but we finally got some GREAT smiles in the end!  I absolutely LOVE the fall leaves in these pictures!  They could not have picked a better time to take their pictures!  Thanks Chaney Family!

Silverstrand Photography

Silverstrand Photography - Family

Pete’s Sneak Peek – American Fork Photography

Another really fun High School Senior photoshoot!  We like to have our seniors bring some things that they enjoy or something they are into, and I’m so glad we do!  It really personalizes each and every photoshoot to that particular senior!  Pete was so great!  We really had a fun time taking his senior photos in American Fork and up the Canyon.  Thanks Pete!  Here is your sneak peek!

American Fork Senior PhotographyI couldn’t decide which one of this next photo I liked better… color or black… so I decided to put both on! :)

American Fork Senior Photography

Provo Senior Photography

American Fork Photographers

Provo Photography

Provo Senior Photographers

American Fork High School Photography

Provo Senior PhotographersProvo Senior Photographers

American Fork Senior Photography

Tippetts Family Sneak Peek – Provo Family Photography

We donated a number of mini sessions recently to the fundraiser my mom’s neighborhood did for her before and after she passed away.  This amazing family purchased one of the photo shoots and we had a blast!  No matter where you go right now, you can find fun and amazing fall colors.  We love Vivian Park in Provo Canyon for photo shoots.  I doesn’t matter what time of year it is but let me tell you… the colors were AWESOME!

They had a great time picking out their clothes and as you can see, they looked great.  Nice job Tippetts.  We are excited for the other mini shoots to come.  Enjoy the pictures.  We sure enjoyed getting to know you.

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