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Your kids, our vision?-Provo Family Photography

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to update the pictures of your kids that you walk by every day. We had the awesome opportunity to take pictures of these kids and wow, they are naturals!

Don’t let the time slip by when you could have beautiful pictures of your kids!



Star Valley Wyoming-Family Photography

We traveled up to Star Valley Wyoming recently and had a great (but cold) time.  We were asked to photograph the Brown family. Great smiles! They were troopers as it was freezing but they did a great job. And look at those smiles!


Dondero Family – Provo Family Photography

Jared had the opportunity to take pictures of this cute family yesterday while I was home with morning sickness….only one month to go!  I’m so grateful to have such an amazing husband that is also such an amazing photographer! 🙂  He took these pictures at the Provo Amphitheater.  I’m sad I didn’t get to meet this family, but from what he said… they are pretty awesome!  I have been having a great time editing their pictures!  Thanks Dondero Family!  Here are some of the pictures from their photoshoot:

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Graff Family – Provo Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is so beautiful…and the gorgeous Mikala is glowing!  We were so thrilled to have the opportunity to take this cute couple’s pictures again! …and who will soon be welcoming a little girl to their family!


You can check out some of their other pictures from previous photoshoots HERE, HERE, or HERE.  We feel so honored that they contact us to take their pictures when they are in town.   We can’t wait to meet their little girl!  What an amazing family she will be joining!  Here are are few pictures from their photoshoot last week:

_MG_1606small _MG_1621bwsmall _MG_1643small _MG_1571small _MG_1610small _MG_1636small _MG_1577bwsmall _MG_1569small

Harrison Family – Provo Family Photography

What a treat!  We got to spend the evening with this awesome family this summer at a beautiful park down in Provo.  We had a great time taking their photos.  …and had some pretty awesome “silly” pictures too!  That always makes the shoot fun!  Thanks Harrison Family!  You guys are amazing!

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Okay…this next one is awesome! 🙂

Harrison5Harrison4 Harrison3

Harrison Family

Krohn Family – Provo Family Photography

As I sit here in my house while there is snow outside… I can’t help but wish for warmer days like this photoshoot…  Last summer, we took some family pictures of this cute family.  I met the Krohn family through my wonderful mom before she passed away.  I’m so glad she introduced me to them.  Their girls are gorgeous and such sweethearts.  Take a look at these fun pictures and dream of warmer days with me! 🙂

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