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What should we wear?

I know how stressful choosing clothing for a family session can be!  Sometimes being too matchy, matchy sometimes can look cheesy.  What I find to be helpful is picking a few colors and sticking to them for the entire family.  Keep each person a little unique but stay within the color scheme.  But I’ve also captured some really cute pictures of families all in white shirts and jeans…. or mostly black with a little bit of color… so it’s really what you are envisioning.

I recommend layering clothing to add interest.  Also, bright colors and texture photograph really well.  Another fun thing to add is accessories (hats, scarves, fun necklaces, funky boots, tights, etc.) These really can make a photograph more interesting.  Have fun with it!

Oh, and Don’t forget to bring Chapstick!


Where will we take our pictures?

I shoot in the beautiful outdoors… so our possibilities are endless!  I will first ask you if you have a place in mind (a favorite park, or river, or your backyard, or shopping center…)  If you don’t have a location in mind, I would be happy to pick one for you.  I love shooting in locations that feel a little more urban and I also love open fields or going up in the mountains to get a totally different look and feel with lots of trees, grass, and rivers.  So let me know what you like and we’ll get some fun pictures!

Because my “studio” is the outdoors… we do not have in indoor studio.  If you have a location in mind that is indoors, we would be more than happy to photograph there as well.  I highly recommend indoor sessions (like your home) for newborn baby pictures.  Contact us for full details on this.


Have more questions?

Go to our Contact us Form and ask!  We would be happy to answer any questions you have.  or CLICK HERE


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