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10 Ways To Get Found Online – Utah Photography

As a photographer, there are many ways to increase your business.  One of them is by creating ways for your work to be found online.  I read a great article on back in September of 2014 that I wanted to share called “10 WAYS TO GET FOUND ONLINE”. I won’t go into the detail that they did but I will share the 10 ways they listed.

1. Add location text to your website

2. Add your phone number with the area code

3. Online Directories/Citations

4. List your business with Google

5. Get Google reviews

6. Link and get links to local businesses

7. Blog about your location

8. Be mobile friendly

9. Optimize your Pinterest boards

10. Get a Youtube channel

These are great ideas that will help potential clients find you on Google and Youtube. #8 will also help your clients enjoy the experience when they find your website on a mobile device. Make sure that potential clients can find you and then when they do that they have a great experience.

I’d love to hear any questions you may have.


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