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Kim & Garrett’s Wedding Day – SNEAK PEEK – Bountiful Temple

Weddings are so fun to take pictures at.  We are so honored each and every time we are chosen to take pictures on such a special occasion. Kim and Garrett are such a cute couple with such fun personalities!  Jared and I really had a great time taking their pictures and editing them.  Even though it was “grand central station” 🙂  at the temple, this wedding party still made every moment fun and enjoyable as we waited for our turn to take pictures on the stairs.  And I have to say… the colors that Kim and Garrett chose for their wedding…  Super cute!  And her shoes… LOVE!  We will be doing a separate post with some “couple shots” of Kim and Garrett later… so be sure to come back to our blog so you don’t miss them!

Here is your Sneak Peek Kim and Garrett:

Click on any of the images below to view in a larger size.


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