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Fun Provo Photography Locations – The Shops at Riverwoods

Yes, yes, we are still at The Shops at Riverwoods!  Why?  because this place has so many great locations that you can use during your photo shoots.  These next few are the last set of photography locations at the Riverwoods that we’ll post. Then we’ll move onto the next location in Provo.  These locations today are great when you hit them at the right times.  The wooden doors are great earlier in the morning, the main walkway can be good morning or evening.  The tunnel/walkway is good when there is plenty of light coming in so depending on the time of year, early afternoon.

The Shops at Riverwoods – Part IV

The Shops at Riverwoods Mall – V

The Shops at Riverwoods – Part VI

This location is just in front of Called to Surf in The Shops at Riverwoods. It’s a great location for a single person, a couple or a small family that you are photographing.   Access this location in front of Called to Surf.  See for more Provo Photography. Enjoy.

Provo Photography

Provo photography location

provo photography location


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