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Provo Bridal Photography Sneak Peek – Erica

Sweet Erica has been anxiously waiting to see these…. even though she really didn’t want to do Bridals. 🙂  I talked her into it. 🙂

Erica, you are SO PRETTY!  You look like a princess!  I had such a hard time picking out which pictures to put on this sneak peek.

Last week, Erica met us in Provo and we had a fun time taking some beautiful bridal pictures.  Be sure to leave comments and let Erica know what your favorite picture is. (numbers are below the images)

Provo Bridal Photography#1

Utah Wedding Photography#2

Orem Bridal Photography#3

Utah Bridal Photography#4

Provo Bridal Photography#5

Orem Bridal Photography#6

Utah Bridal Photography#7

Provo Bridal Photography#8

Provo Wedding Photography, Utah#9

Utah Bridal Photography#10

Provo Bridal Photography#11

Orem Bridal Photography#12

Utah Bridal Photography#13

Utah Bridal Photography#14


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