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Start of a New Year

We had a pretty good year in 2010.  Lots of things happened in our lives.  Some good, some stressful, some not so good.  I’m looking forward to what’s ahead in 2011.  I think the beginning of the year is so rejuvenating.  Everyone seems to be making goals and trying to do better than the year before.  There’s just a different feel in the air.  I know I’m right there with them.  I made some goals that will hopefully be ones that I keep!  🙂

Here is one of my goals that I want to share with you: slow down and take time for ME.  I want to make sure that I notice the little things in life and capture them with my camera.  There is beauty all around us.  If we just take the time to slow down….

So here is my 1st “slow-down” image:

If you haven’t already made some goals, you should do it!  I think it’s important to have goals to work toward.  Today is a beautiful day!  a little cold… but BEAUTIFUL!  Let’s all go out and take some pictures!


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