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Tuesday’s Tips & Tricks – just shoot!

First of all… I would like to apologize for not posting my weekly Tuesday’s Tips & Tricks for so long.  Life kinda caught up with me and my tips and tricks took the boot for awhile. 🙂  But I’m back!  I’m ready to get some tips and tricks for all my blog readers!

If you have any specific things you would like me to go over on future tips and tricks, send me an email or post it in the comments.

okay….. drummrollllll!  Here we go…

Tuesday’s Tips & Tricks this week is “JUST SHOOT”!

Are you a photographer or a parent that just LOVES taking pictures of your kids… but end up being stressed out at the end of your “shoot” because your kids ARE NOT cooperating?  Or your kids end up with tears of sadness?  Through my experience, I have found that kids have a short attention span.  Especially when it comes to posing and looking at the camera and smiling on command.  They might play your game for about 15 minutes… then they are DONE!

So next time you decide to take some pictures of your kids… rather than posing and instructing and making them smile… let your kids be kids.  Let them play with their siblings and run around.  Let them play at a park.  Let them be kids. 🙂

Interact with them and give them a little direction and have them do their thing. While you JUST SHOOT like crazy. When you do this, you get their REAL personalities captured.  Which is why I take pictures.  I want to capture “YOU” not what I think you should be.

So stop stressing and being frustrated on your photoshoots.  Make “picture day” a fun experience not a dreaded one.

Here are a few Examples all from a recent photoshoot: We were having a hard time getting both of these kiddos in one picture. Do you get mad at them and make them stand next to each other and risk grumpy faces or tears?

Nope… Tried that… 🙂  didn’t work haha

No, instead try giving them small direction and going with it.  We told them to go give each other a big hug…. then got their attention to look at us.  Look what I was able to capture:  The perfect hugging picture!  Precious!

OK for these two next pictures, she was DONE looking at the camera.  I was acting like a goof trying to get her to look at me and she said, “NO” (first image)… then she turned to the side and put out her lip (second image)…  Their mom actually LOVED these two pictures because they were capturing her spunky personality.  She bought both images!

… then we got this image with her little mischievous grin:

Let them play! Sit back, and watch their expressions as they are using their imaginations.  Have Fun and SHOOT!

Here are a few more fun pictures of families and kids having fun:


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