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Tuesday’s Tips & Tricks | Photographing Kid Tips

What a fun weekend Jared and I had!  We went to California and had a blast spending time with family.  I’m a little tired today though.  I am not a fan of driving to California. 🙂  Wow, it’s already Tuesday!  My weeks are flying by so fast this summer!  Kids are going to be going back to school here in no time!

Speaking of kids, today I’m going to share a few tips out of the Popular Photography Magazine for September 2010 about Kid Tips.

Photographing Kid Tips

  • AVOID having them smile or say “cheese.” Nothing’s more deadly than a forced grin.
  • DON’T direct, but go with what the child offers you.
  • LOOK for moments when kids are engaged – with toys, friends, or even with you.
  • SHOOT a lot and quickly, before they get bored and cranky.
  • ALLOW kids, in a studio, to move around by avoiding focused lights.
  • KNOW your gear.  If you’re unsure about technical issues, kids will pick up on it and get nervous, too.
  • COMPLIMENT your subjects repeatedly and profusely.


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