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Tuesdays Tips and Tricks | Editing Tips

Hello Fellow Photographers!
Today, I’m going to go over a few basic editing terms I got from Kenny’s Photo.  This will help you become more familiar and confident with the editing process.

Saturation: refers to the vividness or boldness of the colors in your photo. Increase the saturation to get bolder, vivid colors. Decrease the saturation for muted and more subtle colors in your photo.

Color balance: refers to the color temperature in your photo. A warm color balance setting will bring out warmer colors like red and yellow in your photo, while a cooler color balance setting will emphasize colder color tones like blue and green.

Contrast: refers to pushing or pulling middle color tones in or out of your photo. When set to the extreme, a high contrast setting will polarize the whites and blacks in your photo, so the colors are either extremely black or extremely white. A low contrast setting will make the photo totally gray.

Brightness/Density: often works hand in hand with the contrast setting by making a photo lighter or darker. You generally want to adjust brightness and contrast to correspond with one another.

Most editing tools have other options as well, but start with the four features above to develop your photo editing skills.  The more you practice… the better you will get at editing.  🙂

Have a great day!


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