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Tuesday’s Tips and Tricks – 30 second photoshop

Found in Popular Photography Magazine April 2010

Copyright Control

To Establish Ownership of your photography, we recommend adding your name and copyright information to the metadata of all your images as you import them.  Users of Adobe Bridge CS3 or CS4 (included with Photoshop) have a great tool for this.  To use it, open Bridge, then go to File > Get Photos from Camera.  Click the button for the Advanced Dialogue, then under Apply Metadata, type in your name and copyright info.  If you want more detailed metadata, first create a template in Bridge by going to Tools > Create Metadata template.  From now on, the more detailed template will be available as an option whenever you import your images.


Ok, Here are a couple pictures that I’ve taken just because I LOVE pictures and you have to have pictures in posts!

🙂  Have a wonderful day everyone!

Come back for more tips and tricks next Tuesday!


One response to “Tuesday’s Tips and Tricks – 30 second photoshop

  1. Valerie March 17, 2010 at 11:10 am

    Wow, another really great tip! Thank you for extending yourself each week to share with us. Jenni.

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