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Owen Sneak Peak | Provo & Orem Kids Photography

See this little guy?!!  Isn’t he so handsome?  We had the wonderful opportunity of taking fun pictures of him this last weekend at a park here in the Provo area.  I just had to post one of the pictures today.  Just couldn’t wait! Enjoy this image.  It will prepare you for a lot more cute pictures of him!

Owen and his parents were so awesome!  We had a fun time with them.  What a cute little boy!  More pictures will be posted of him in the next few days.!!! 🙂  You won’t want to miss ’em!


2 responses to “Owen Sneak Peak | Provo & Orem Kids Photography

  1. Brienne Dayton March 10, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    How cute! I love it! I’m so excited. We went home fretting because Owen hadn’t been as smiley as normal. Come to find out he got sick like an hour later, like even more sick. Which is sad, but at least there was an explanation for his unhappy behavior. And he is doing lots better now. Anyway, I’m glad the some of the pictures turned out good even though he wasn’t the best subject ever. I’m so excited to see the rest. And really if you ever need any more pictures of kids or families, we’d love to help and make sure Owen is in a better mood that day!

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