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FREE 16×20 Contest – UPDATE – Provo Photography

You ask who’s in the lead for our FREE 16×20 enlargement contest here in Provo, Ut?

Here are the results as of 11:00am this morning:
In first place we have this beautiful Maternity picture #3,
following in a close second… this handsome little surfer dude #4,
and in third place we have this tough looking cowboy #8.


Keep your votes coming! We will keep taking votes until end of day on the 18th of July. You guys are awesome! This is why we take pictures!
Here are some ideas on getting more votes for your pictures:
  1. BLOG IT! -make a post telling your friends and family to send us an email voting for your picture! (put a link to so they can see the pictures!)
  2. EMAIL IT! -send out a mass email to all of your contacts telling them that you really want this 16×20 print, and to send a quick email to vote for your picture.
  3. TEXT IT! -we are in a texting age… use it to your advantage! Text all your contacts in your phone telling them to email us their vote.
  4. FACEBOOK IT! -put a link to our blog on facebook and tell them to email us!
  5. TALK ABOUT IT! -Word of Mouth works best. Tell your co-workers to vote and tell them to tell their friends and family to vote also.
  6. If you really want the 16×20 print, you could even go door to door or hand out flyers! 🙂
Good luck to all of you! We will give another update on the top three later this week. Keep posted! The pressure’s on!


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