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Provo Photography – Blog Contest – FREE 16 x 20 enlargement

Well guys, I (Jenni) have some great news to share! I have decided to work full time for our photography company, Silverstrand Photography. We have so much fun taking pictures here in the Provo area. Silverstrand is just getting more and more busy, and we are loving it! Jared will still be doing photo shoots as well, just not when he is at work of course.
To celebrate this monumental time in my life, I thought we needed to do something fun. Well in our family, fun means: COMPETITION! Nothing gets the blood pumping like a little friendly competition, eh?
Here’s how it works: I will post a small selection of my favorites from past photo shoots. You pick your favorites from the selection. You vote by sending me an email ( with the number of your favorite picture inside. Tell all your family and friends to vote too! The more voters you have, the better chance you will have at winning! (one vote per email address)
Just because I’m really in the mood to give something away, the winner of the competition gets a free 16×20 luster finished print of their favorite photo from their session! Or they can save the free print for their next session with us! OOOHHHH YEAH! Not even kidding! This is awesome! ($120 value!!!)
Once you scroll down and see the images below, I know some of you may think: but Jenni and Jared, all of your work is soooo fab, how will we ever choose? I know friends, I know, just follow your heart. 🙂 Now on a more serious note, this competition is all in fun, celebration, and in the spirit of giving. It’s not really a “my photo is better than yours” sort of thing. just have a good time!
Tell all of your friends and family to get voting! Good Luck! Here are the photos…







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