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Photoshop & Photography Tips – Lesson I – Color Snap – Provo Photography

Here is an example of a Photoshop technique that I like to call “Color SNAP”. I love photography, obviously… and I also love scrapbooking. I believe my skills in scrapbooking have been pushed to new heights since I have started using things I’ve learned in Photoshop on my images. Instead of just using my images right out of camera I like to give them a little “Color SNAP”.
If you want to try this on your own… you must first realize there are MANY ways to do this in Photoshop.  This is just one way to get this effect.  
  1. Open the image in Photoshop
  2. Open the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer
  3. Slide the saturation “slider” to the right.  (Not TOOO much though)  You still want the skin to look natural.
  4. Open the Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer
  5. Slide the Contrast “slider” to the right.  (again…don’t over do it)
And there you go…

This will cause the image to jump off the page.  Below is an example I did for you.   Notice that the before image now looks a little hazy or fogy…when you originally may have thought it looked fine.  The second image has a lot more POP!

Stay tuned for more Photoshop Tips and Techniques in the future!
BEFORE IMAGE (right out of camera):

AFTER COLOR SNAP was applied:

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