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New equipment for our Utah photography!

Our new toy…   🙂  The Epson P-3000.  We LOVE it!  It is so amazing!  While we are on a photo-shoot, we can upload the images to our Epson to verify the RAW images and make sure what we want in focus is in focus before we even go back home.  It’s wonderful!   

It replaces a laptop… but is much more convenient than a laptop because of its compact size.  And best of all…  once we get home, uploading the images to our computer from the Epson is a breeze!  Example:  We took 250 images… all RAW and they uploaded in 3 minutes.  I kid you not!  3 minutes!  AMAZING! 🙂   Every photographer needs one of these babies!

Description of the Epson P-3000:
An essential tool for the professional photographer, the Epson® P-3000 provides an innovative way to download, store and display thousands of photos, videos and more on the spot – without a computer. With the ultra fast processor, it’s easy to backup images right from your memory card or camera. Transfer thousands of photos in no time at all. Then, continue shooting.

With the large, four-inch LCD, you’ll be able to instantly review images, or share your portfolio with clients immediately after the shoot. In fact, you can easily view slide shows and videos, or listen to audio files. Best of all, you’ll be able to present professional quality images anywhere you go. Epson Photo Fine® Ultra LCD technology means you’ll see every color and detail. With Adobe RGB color space support, each viewer displays over 16.7 million colors. You can even zoom in and verify RAW files. With the Epson P-3000, it couldn’t be easier!

And, with a long battery life, they’re ideal for extended, on-location shoots. Save and view all your best shots at the scene. Or, transfer files from your camera or any USB device. You can even connect to your PC when you get back to the studio. The Epson P-3000 makes it easy to save and share images virtually anywhere, with amazing clarity and color.


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